An own goal on the TPP

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A blight on public education is the very last sort of blight we need.  Anthony R0bins was so concerned about the possibility that he wrote a post on the subject yesterday.  It quotes at length from the secretary of the New Zealand Educational Institute, Pat Goulter.  It wails at the “sheer incompetence” of our negotiators who failed to get a carve out for public education.

The Tertiary Education Union is similarly critical.  Their Sandra Grey warns us:

“The TPPA will limit current and future governments’ abilities to make decisions that are the best for our kids’ education”

So, r0b and the New Zealand Educational Institute and the Tertiary Education Union are all very concerned.

But not so concerned, it seems, that they were moved to read the relevant provisions in the TPPA.  Luckily, Et Tu Brute did.  He was able to direct r0b, at least, to the provision in the agreement giving a lie to all of the wailing (or at least on this issue, they will have others).

“New Zealand reserves the right to adopt or maintain any measure with respect to…public education.”

What was that about “sheer incompetence”?

The left just lie constantly about the . If you follow the link you will see the annex which explicitly carves out measures around public education from the TPP.

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