People have the right to make bad decisions

Stuff reports:

One thing the bridal party all agreed on is hell would freeze over before we would consider using a sunbed. That’s partly because I’m in the know.

And most people sensibly decide not to use them. But if some people value their appearance over the health risks, they can decide that.

We’ve just published our latest results – and nothing’s changed. We visited 68 sunbed operators. We sent underage (under-18) shoppers and fair-skinned people to 36 sunbed establishments. The standard recommends people with fair skin that burns easily or never tans shouldn’t use a sunbed. 

Only eight of 16 operators turned away our fair-skinned visitors. And despite displaying warning notices under-18s shouldn’t use a sunbed, three operators happily accepted our 15- or 16-year-olds. One allowed it even after the teen had filled out the form with her correct age, another asked her to fill out the form after the session.

Which is a good case for having regulations and prosecuting those who breach them.

The Health (Protection) Amendment Bill would make it illegal for operators to allow under-18s to have a sunbed. When the Bill was considered by a parliamentary select committee, Consumer said it didn’t go far enough. We called for a total sunbed ban.

I respect Consumer but they are wrong on this, and trying to remove choice from consumers.

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