The Brownlee attacker

Stuff reports:

The man who allegedly threw muck over Earthquake Recovery Minister Gerry Brownlee at a Christchurch earthquake five-year anniversary memorial service yesterday lost his teenage son in the disaster.

John Andrew Howland has been charged with assault and is due to appear at Christchurch District Court today.

One can only have sympathy for anyone who lost a loved one at such a young age. But that sympathy doesn’t extend to excusing their actions years later.

This is not Howland’s first brush with the law. Three years ago he was in court on more serious charges.

UPDATE: Even more to this attacker than the media have reported. From Karen Andrews on Facebook:

Ok I have sat back and watched this play out and said I would not speak up but enough is enough!!!! Let’s get something straight…I am Jayden’s Aunty and know this story better than any of you commenting. He had no right to do what he did…it was premeditated, embarrassing, humiliating and totally undermined my nephews memory yesterday!!!

He does not live in Christchurch, doesn’t own a house so has never had any insurance or EQC issues so don’t blame that for his actions. He never raised Jayden, that was our family…don’t be fooled by the grieving father line…it is guilt that he wasn’t there for his son!!!

He is playing you all…don’t feel sorry for that for The family that raised Jayden into the amazing young man he was!!!! Yes I know the pain first hand of the EQ’s…why??? Because I lost my home (red zoned in Bexley), I lost my nephew, I’m dealing with a son who has special needs and has been effected very badly from these events and I’m battling the mental health system and educations systems for him daily, all while grieving myself!! But do you see me out there making bad choices??? NO because I know that what happened wasn’t fair but you have to find a way forward, laying blame doesn’t change anything. Be a man and honour your sons memory!!!!

Now I’ll wait for the backlash for getting the truth out there!!!!

I’m disgusted beyond words that my nephews memory has come to this. He’d be so ashamed. RIP Jayden

What a great attitude Karen has. Sounds like she has had more stuff to deal with than most, yet she isn’t into the blame game.

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