Male abortion rights

The Herald reports:

Men’s current options when it comes to contraception are either to use condoms or, for a permanent solution, undergo a vasectomy. There is also a male version of the contraceptive pill due to become available.

But politicians in Sweden have proposed another option involving a swift signature on a piece of paper: Male abortion.

The youth wing of Sweden’s Liberal Party wants expectant fathers to be able to “legally abort” their unborn child up until 18 weeks gestation – the country’s cut off point for physical abortions.

Marcus Nilsen, chairman of the party’s youth wing West (LUF) told the Aftonbladetnewspaper, “Men should have an equal right to opt out of parenting and choose whether or not to become a parent.

“There are endless examples of men who can’t even say whether they want to be involved in parenthood or how involved they want to be. It is important that men remain honest with themselves and their intentions,” says Nilsen.

Male abortion would be a legal decision, allowing unwilling fathers to relinquish parental responsibilities for their unborn child. The decision would render them without future rights to see the child, and alleviate them of providing financial support.

The youth wing claim that their concept of male abortion is a feminist policy that will provide equality for the sexes and allow expectant mothers to know whether their child’s father will support the child or not.

Sounds more like a way for men to escape any responsibility for their actions.

The youth wing has previously proposed radical policies, such as legalising necrophilia and consensual incest. Along with these, their latest proposal has been firmly rejected by the Liberal Party’s central office but has sparked debate in the country.

I can understand the libertarian argument for consensual incest, but not for necrophilia. How can a corpse consent? That’s of course putting aside any other arguments against.

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