NZ First in breach of Parliamentary Service Act

The Parliamentary Service Act specifies what taxpayer funded parliamentary budgets can and can not be spent on.

Section 3B((2)(a)(vi) states:

However, funding entitlements for parliamentary purposes does not include funding for any communication that explicitly seeks support for casting a vote for one of the responses to a proposal to be put to electors in a initiated referendum

But go to this website promoted by NZ First – and read:

Keep Our Flag

“Don't be fooled. Every other party, including Labour and the Greens, support changing the flag.”

Now this would be fine if NZ First were paying for this out of their own pocket. But they are not. They are using taxpayer money to run this site – in clear breach of The Act.

The domain is registered to:

Registrant Contact Name: New Zealand First
Registrant Contact Address Freepost Parliament Private Bag 18888
Registrant Contact City Wellington
Registrant Contact Province Wellington
Registrant Contact Postal Code 6160
Registrant Contact Country NZ (NEW ZEALAND)
Registrant Contact Phone +64 48178xxx (changed by DPF)
Registrant Contact Email (changed by DPF)

The contact address, phone number and e-mail are all Parliament.

I hope The Parliamentary Service and/or the Auditor- investigate.

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