Ken Livingstone claims Hitler was a zionist!

The Guardian reports:

Jeremy Corbyn has been forced to suspend his close ally Ken Livingstone for making inflammatory remarks about Hitler and Zionism, after facing a revolt among Labour MPs about antisemitism within the party.

With just a week to go before crucial elections, Labour was engulfed in a row over Livingstone’s future and wider concerns that a series of scandals involving antisemitism was damaging its reputation.

It was the second time in two days that Labour has had to take action over complaints of antisemitism. The Bradford West MP Naz Shah was suspended over Facebook posts from 2014, including one suggesting Israelis be deported to the US.

In defending Shah, Livingstone intensified the row by claiming Hitler had supported Zionism “before he went mad and ended up killing 6 million Jews”

Linking Zionism to Hitler – only in the UK Labour Party.

Mad Ken Livingstone can’t tell the difference between forced deportations and voluntary migration. It’s like claiming Islamic State is pro-immigration as they have created so many refugees.

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