RNZ tells only part of the story

Radio NZ reports:

About 150,000 workers will get a 50 cent-an-hour pay increase from today with the minimum wage rising to $15.25.

Now the highest in the world, relative to median wages.

But a cleaner who does night shifts at Auckland Council said the rise was still not enough to make it easier to support her family.

Before today, Lupe Funua’s wage was $15.10. That rate would be pushed up 15 cents to match the new minimum wage.

With a three-year-old son at home, a baby due in a few months, and a husband who was also a cleaner on minimum wage, she said every week she worried she was not earning enough.

Radio NZ doesn’t mention Working for Families (which has also increased for low income workers).

If they both work FT on the minimum wage their combined income is $63,440 a year.

On top of that they will get for 2 children, WFF of $111 a week.

Also on top of that will be a parental tax credit of $2,200 for the new child. And they may well get other support such as the Accommodation Supplement.

She wanted the living wage, which advocates had set at $19.80.

Who doesn’t want more money. However if you increase the minimum wage overnight to $20 an hour, there would be massive job losses – possibly including her job and her husband’s.

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