2% or 10% – Auckland’s choice

The Herald reports:

Auckland Council has moved on from the politics of the past, say three right-leaning councillors whose voting with Mayor Len Brown has come into question.

Councillors Bill Cashmore, Calum Penrose and Linda Cooper say the council is not the old Auckland City Council of pre-2010, where power was tightly controlled by the majority ticket. …

Mr Cashmore, Mr Penrose and Ms Cooper have consistently voted for the policy platform of Mr Brown, including a 9.9 per cent rates rise this financial year. …

Mr Penrose said if he decides to stand again for council he will stand as an independent. He did not believe signing up to a fiscal envelope.

Aucklanders will have a clear choice.

They can vote for Councillors who have promised not to vote for any rates increase of greater than 2%, or they can vote for Councillors who increased rates by 9.9% last year and if re-elected will no doubt continue to vote for massive increases.

I hope Aucklanders vote for Councillors who are committed to cutting wasteful spending, not increasing it.

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