An appeal should be lodged

Stuff reports:

An accomplished fraudster has now pulled off the ultimate swindle: she’s escaped a jail term after the court failed to see through her fake identities.

Lisa Donnelly pleaded guilty to fleecing a 92-year-old woman of her life savings.

Judge Christopher Field sentenced her to home detention. He cut her some slack because, he said, she had led a relatively crime-free life.

But he was never told of previous convictions she’d racked up under multiple aliases, including a notorious $2 million fraud. 

He was unaware that Donnelly used several aliases, including the name Lisa Clement, when she famously defrauded the Ministry of Social Development of $1.9 million.

She had also racked up more than 40 other convictions between her three aliases. 

The story relates how the Police stuffed up and didn’t tell the Judge of her extensive criminal history.

The case should be appealed. There is nothing to suggest that Donnelly is is any way rehabilitated and won’t be out there defrauding people as soon as possible. If she is in jail, then the public are protected from her while she is inside.

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