The 1st Secretary General straw poll

The results of the 15 member security council straw poll for Secretary General appears to be:

  1. Antonio Guterres (Portugal) 12-3-0
  2. Danilo Turk (Slovenia) 11-2-2
  3. Irina Bokova (Bulgaria) 9-2-4
  4. Vuk Jeremic (Serbia) 9-1-5
  5. Srgjan Kerim (Macedonia) 9-1-5
  6. Helen Clark (New Zealand) 8-2-5
  7. Susanna Malcorra (Argentina) 7-?-?
  8. Christiana Figueres (Costa Rica) 5-5-5
  9. Natalia Gherman (Moldova)
  10. Igor Luksic (Montenegro)
  11. Vesna Pucic (Croatia) ?-?-11

This is not a great result for Clark, but good enough to stay in the race. To some degree what is more important is how the P5 countries voted as they all have a veto. Clark is reported to have received a number of discourage votes. If one of them is from a P5 member, that is pretty fatal.

UPDATE: More voting figures known and added. Clark’s 5 discourage votes is quite high and her chances now appear diminished.

If Guterres was from Eastern Europe he’d be picked as he had no discourages. The highest placed Eastern European is Turk but we don’t know if one of his two discourages was from a P5 member. Russia was unhappy with the outcome of the straw poll it seems so they may be one of them.


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