The NBR Rich List

The NBR Rich List is here.

  1. HART Graeme$7 billion
  2. CHANDLER Richard$4.2 billion
  3. TODD family$3.3 billion
  4. ERCEG family$1.6 billion
  5. FRIEDLANDER Michael$1.5 billion
  6. CHANDLER Christopher$1.4 billion
  7. GOODMAN family$1.35 billion
  8. JENNINGS Stephen$1.001 billion
  9. FAY Sir Michael$900 million
  10. MYERS Sir Douglas$900 million
  11. RICHWHITE David$900 million
  12. COOPER Peter$780 million
  13. SPENCER (late John) family$720 million
  14. JONES Sir Robert$650 million
  15. JACKSON Sir Peter$630 million
  16. DUKE Rod$600 million
  17. FARMER Trevor$600 million
  18. GOODFELLOW family$600 million
  19. NORMAN Anne & David$580 million
  20. MANSON family$550 million

Very few on the rich list inherited their wealth Most are self-made business people and entrepreneurs,

NBR also profile the top 10 philanthropists. They are:

  1. Sir Michael Friedlander
  2. Dame Rosie Horton
  3. John Hynds
  4. Sir David Levene
  5. Sam and Gareth Morgan
  6. Neal and Annette Plowman
  7. Sir Stephen Tindall
  8. Todd family
  9. Sir James Wallace
  10. Green family

Finally Stuff reports:

Despite saying that he hoped to stop appearing on the Rich List, there has been no such luck for Prime Minister John Key whose wealth has increased $5 million to $60m over the past year, according the the 2016 NBR Rich List.

The PM wouldn’t comment on his wealth when the list was released on Thursday – a stance he has taken since debuting on the list as Opposition Leader in 2008.

I have no idea what the PM is worth, except more than me. But I have been amused that his wealth has been estimated pretty constantly at $50 million since 2002 when he became a candidate. I always wondered why it was assumed it would be static for the last 14 years.

If you assumed a very conservative 4% growth it would now be $86 million and 5% growth would be $99 million.

As I said I have no idea if the initial estimate is correct or the current estimates. But the one thing I would guess is that the wealth in 2016 is a lot more than it was in 2002.

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