Dead donors make the best donors

NewstalkZB reports:

The Green Party has received its largest ever donation, and says it knows nothing about the donor.

The party declared a donation of $283,835 last week from the estate of Elizabeth Riddoch.

The party’s general manager Sarah Helm said she believed it was the largest one-off donation in the Greens’ 25-year history.

Riddoch, from Nelson, was not a party member and did not appear to have any formal connection to the Greens.

“She wasn’t particularly known to the party at all – we haven’t been able to determine any link,” Helm said.

“She must have just been a quiet, latent supporter of ours.”

I always say a dead donor is the best donor as no one can suggest they are expecting any favours in return for their donation. You can’t appoint a dead person Honorary Consul to Monaco for example!