Enigma – the world’s best pickup artist

Had an amusing evening at the Cavern Club watching Alexander Sparrow play Enigma – the world’s best pickup artist.

A couple of years ago I saw Sparrow’s production of De Sade, for which the highlight was Jadis whacking him with a crop, and him not realising she is a former provincial cricketer and can whack very hard.

As Jadis was in town this week, we want along to see Enigma, along with another friend.

Enigma, who is American, is a mixture of preacher and guru in a comic combination. He is wearing a grape emblazoned shirt, and steampunk googles over his beanie. His red snakeskin shoes also stand out (they reminded me of Ted’s boots in How I Met Your Mother).

This is a show with high audience participation, but nothing uncomfortable.  It is not just for the blokes either, as the women there get tagged as Future Ex-Girlfriends.

He gives out lots of advice during the show, and has a nice twist at the end. His first piece of advice is the counter-intuitive (but probably correct) that you should never ever approach a woman if you want to pick her up!

The audience wasn’t large, which dampened the environment a bit. It’s a performance that would work best in a packed bar. However it was a week night, so I expect larger crowds at the weekend. It’s on for two more nights for those keen.