Maori Party doesn’t forgive Clark

Stuff reports:

The Maori Party doesn’t support former Prime Minister Helen Clark’s nomination for the top job at the United Nations.

In the same week Clark awaits the results of a second straw poll to assess her chances of getting the Secretary-General role, Maori Party co-leader Marama Fox said her party “unequivocally do not support” her bid.

That position won’t change but Clark could go some way to fixing her relationship with Maori by apologising for her “mistakes of the past,” Fox said.

“She didn’t want to sign up to the Declaration of Rights of Indigenous People under the United Nations, she resisted that strongly. Also with the foreshore and seabed we saw that as the largest modern day confiscation of land for Maori. And then there was her support in the Tuhoe raids.

“Based on her record of dealing with indigenous rights, we feel we can not support her nomination,” Fox said.

Possibly not that surprising considering Clark’s actions are what led to the formation of the Maori Party. I thought time may have healed wounds, but it seems not.

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