Robertson does a semi-apology

Stuff reports:

Labour MP Grant Robertson has offered an apology of sorts to the chief statistician for suggesting there had been “political interference” in the production of the latest unemployment figures, saying he is sorry if she took any offence. …

Robertson said on Wednesday he accepted MacPherson’s assurances that the agency remained independent, and was sorry if she felt offended by his remarks.

“If she’s taken offence, that was not my intention and I certainly would apologise to her for that…

The normal weasel apology.

The data showed that unemployment dropped 0.1% in the quarter. This would normally be a minor story. Robertson’s shooting himself in the foot has meant that all week there has been a focus on the unemployment data and the relatively low unemployment rate. Here’s how we compare with others:

  • France 10.2%
  • Euro area 10.1%
  • Ireland 9.7%
  • EU 8.6%
  • Canada 6.9%
  • Australia 5.8%
  • NZ 5.1%
  • US 4.9%
  • UK 4.9%
  • Germany 4.7%


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