The Civilian on Clark’s path to victory

The Civilian writes:

Despite falling into eighth place in the latest straw poll, former Prime Minister Helen Clark may still be in with a chance to be the next United Nations Secretary General, say knowledgeable UN watchers, if she’s able to steady the ship and walk the narrow tight-rope of all the other candidates dying horrifically.

Interviewed on Radio New Zealand this morning about whether Clark should drop out of the race, UN expert Stephen Lewis said there was really “no need,” and “kiwis shouldn’t panic” about her prospects.

“I think the important message to those who are really hoping she gets the job is, don’t lose hope yet. She’s still got a chance, and there are a lot of paths to victory.

“One is that all the other candidates die horrifically at one time in a fire or something like that.

“Another is that maybe all the candidates ahead of her had a massive seven-way orgy, and the press has picture, or maybe even she has the pictures.”


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