Vote Local

A new Vote Local website that asks you questions and matches you to mayoral candidates in Wellington, Auckland and Palmerston North.

Quite fun but I think the algorithm is somewhat faulty as it says Helene Ritchie should be my 2nd choice in Wellington! Also some of their questions present binary choices that are not binary choices. So don’t take it too seriously.

My results are below, but note they are definitely not my voting order. My top three in Wellington will be Nicola, Jo and Nick (not necessarily in that exact order, but they will be my top three ranks).


  1. Nicola Young 61%
  2. Helene Ritchie 55%
  3. Keith Johnson 53%
  4. Andy Foster 51%
  5. Jo Coughlan 51%
  6. Nick Leggett 49%
  7. Justin Lester 45%


  1. Vic Crone 77%
  2. Suzanna Kruger 66%
  3. John Palino 56%
  4. Tyrone Raumati 54%
  5. Phil Goff 53%
  6. Alezix Honeti 53%
  7. Mark Thomas 51%
  8. David Hay 43%.

Again these are just the results of the quiz, not my preferences. I would have Mark Thomas much higher than Phil Goff.

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