Georgieva enters the race

Stuff reports:

It would be a waste of time if Helen Clark was to pull out of the UN race now, says Prime Minister John Key.

Former Prime Minister Helen Clark’s chances of winning the UN chief role may have just ground to a halt after a late entry from a Eastern European woman.

EU budget commissioner Kristalina Georgieva has announced she will contest the United Nations Secretary-General race and is shaping up to be the ‘compromise candidate’ Clark had hoped to become. …

The Bulgarian Government has transferred their support from Irina Bokova – their original pick who is beating Clark – to back Georgieva, who is supported by German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

It’s understood Merkel has been lobbying hard for Georgieva and even approached Russian President Vladamir Putin at the recent G20 to push her case.

Clark’s chances were remote before Georgieva entered, say 5%. Now they may be say 3%.

Georgieve could well become the UN Secretary General. She is supported by Russia but unlike Bokova, she is not necessarily opposed by the US. Can’t imagine France would veto if Germany supports.