The Mount NYE to end

Stuff reports:

Tauranga City Council has decided the New Year’s Eve tradition on Mount Main Beach will end.

The decision was made on Tuesday, with the council opting instead for a youth-focused event at ASB Arena.

This comes after increased concern around public safety at the council-organised events over the past three years.

Council said the event did not provide a safe environment for residents and visitors and has become financially unsustainable.

The NYE party place for two generations of teens. I doubt they will all now stay at home watching TV on NYE. I suspect other locales will become party central.

I recall one NYE where I was sitting with someone under a tree and then stood up directly into an overhanging branch that knocked me to the ground and I basically passed out for a minute or so. But then felt fine (alcohol is a good anesthetic) After I parted ways with my acquaintance, I decided to walk back to the house a group of us were staying in.

I got the odd stare walking home and it was only when I got home did someone say “What the hell happened to you”. I said “nothing”, why. They then told me to look in the mirror and I did, and I looked like a victim of Sweeney Todd with blood all over my face and neck and chest. It seems my head butting the branch had cut my head but I was sufficiently umm lubricated that I didn’t notice.

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