False green science scaremongering

Biologist writes:

Greenie alarmists spread needless fears about science.

They have long spread misinformation and lies about (GE), claiming it has never done any good, only harm. But these claims fly in the face of scientific evidence.

In separate reports, the OECD and the American Academy of Sciences reviewed more than 1000 scientific studies of GE earlier this year. They found that farmers using GE got bigger crops, made more money and used less insecticide than conventional farmers. They concluded that GE has never harmed anybody, nor harmed the environment.

Every claim made about the harm from GE has not eventuated.

Greenies hate , claiming it pumps hundreds of chemicals into rocks and these contaminate aquifers. But they’re wrong – 99.5 per cent of the anti-fracking fluid is sand and water, and the miniscule remainder is a mix of 13 chemicals which you would find in your kitchen, bathroom or garage.

And fracking has been wonderful for greenhouse has emissions, allowing the US to significantly reduce its emissions as fracking has  given them energy independence.

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