Twyford’s Twitter Tantrum

See what Labour’s campaign chair does if a journalist dares to run a report they disagree with. Phil Twyford commences a public bullying session on Twitter, where he incites people to climb in and attack the journalist.


So you got Twyford lashing out at Vance and Trevett because Labour’s numbers only add up if you substitute four months for six months.

Richard Harman points out:

Labour in many ways is its own worst enemy.

It surely didn’t matter all that much whether the scheme cost $90 million or $60 million so why it chose to present the lower figure seems a bit odd. And why it thought it could get away with it is even odder.

And when they don’t get away with it, they launch personally abusive tirades on Twitter – designed to incite people against the journalists concerned. Twyford seems to be taking lessons from Donald Trump!

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