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Rodney Hide looks at what Gareth Morgan said is the TOP way of talking politics:

•”Be nice”;
•”talk ideas and policy, not personality”;
•”stick to the evidence”;
•”avoid name-calling”.

And then Rodney looks at how Gareth demonstrates these principles on Twitter:

To Tessa Burrows: “Pse have the self control to read & comprehend b4 u blab.

Thankfully the av public is smarter.”

To Ross Marks: “do your homework dickhead, TM [TradeMe] is less than 1/4 of my wealth.”

To Andrew Riddell: “if you’d read the book you’d know why dropkick. Typical tall poppy crap for a kiwi nobody.”

To Bryce Pearce: “yeah let’s not talk about the arguments, let’s just be bitchy. Jesus you’re a w***er.”

To Locrates: “Abuse is the lowest form of intellect. Try counselling.”

To Dermott Renner: “Sure, some of the top 20% don’t give a damn. Charming model for your children.” “Boy, some nutters out there.”

On ACT’s Dr Jamie Whyte: “He’s against fairness. He’s a moron like all libertarians.”

To Thomas Mead: “Try arguing & u better know what you’re talking about. I do & there’s no time here for fools.”

To Marchmain: “I answer fire with fire, always have. If u have a question ask it, otherwise FO – is that so hard?”

As Rodney says, very revealing.

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