Meet an anti-fluoride Councillor

Stuff reports:

Health experts and ‘smarty pants’ scientists have brainwashed the public over , says a newly elected city councillor who claims she knows better.

has urged Waikato District Health Board members and fellow councillors to take up the anti-fluoride cause.

Oh dear.

The move comes only weeks after she was elected in a campaign in which she downplayed her strident anti-fluoride views.

Of course she did.

She’s also taking aim at health professionals and scientists, saying she’s more informed on the issue than they are.

I’m sure she is. I am sure she has read every anti-fluoridation website there is.

But Henry has accused the Health Ministry and Waikato DHB of peddling lies and said health officials refuse to address the real cause of tooth decay.

In an email sent to Hamilton Mayor Andrew King and fellow councillors, Henry said Ministry data supporting the fluoridation of water couldn’t be trusted.

“Sadly I have seen this kind of BS for far too many years,” Henry said.

“Tooth decay is not a result of lack of fluoride but a result of too much sugar. And the DHBs, Dave [Macpherson and] Martin [Gallagher] should start addressing that issue.”

She seems to think there can only be one factor in tooth decay. That is like saying that as smoking can cause heart attacks, then obesity can’t be a factor.

The council recommenced fluoridating Hamilton’s water in early 2014, following a referendum in which 66.09 per cent of voters supported a return to fluoridation.

The council has since agreed to provide fluoride-free water at two sites in the city – Taitua Arboretum and Claudelands Park.

Henry said the 2013 referendum outcome was the result of public brainwashing by the DHB.

Did they zap people’s brains?

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