Pity the DPS

The Herald reports:

From Hawai’i to Dipton – the new Prime Minister is quickly proving to be from a different mould than the man he succeeded.

Bill English has only been Prime Minister for a few days, but as parliament breaks up for Christmas and the new year he is already making plans for a summer holiday.

But unlike his mate John Key the destination is not a tropical paradise in the Pacific – although Southlanders might disagree.

Our new leader will spend Christmas with wife Mary and their extended family at their home in Wellington, before heading down south to the family farm in Dipton.

Claire Trevett pointed out you have to pity the DPS whose summer session has gone from Hawaii to Dipton!

Also making the trip will be fellow minister Nick Smith and former National politicians Tony Ryall and Roger Sowry, maintaining a long-standing tradition.

“We have holidayed together every Christmas for the past 25 years or so years,” English said.

A great friendship.

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