The other side of the Radio NZ story

Radio NZ reported:

Tuaine Murray, her husband and her son, who has a disability, have been living in motels for most of the year, while they wait for a Housing New Zealand property.

Ms Murray said the $2300 per week was for a unit at the Allenby Park Hotel in Papatoetoe.

Initially the money had to be repaid, but now the government is paying for it.

They were recently placed in emergency housing at the motel after stints at various other motels and the Manurewa Marae.

Ms Murray said she desperately needed a Housing New Zealand house, because they were struggling to get a private rental and were at the mercy of Work and Income.

She said the room did not have a functioning oven or a laundry. They could not go on living with these conditions and needed more stability, she said.

“We can’t really carry on doing this. It’s really hard. We’ve been doing it for such a long time … We can’t keep doing this to my son.”

The Allenby Park Hotel has been charging Ms Murray and her family a premium – the normal rate would be slightly more than $1700 a week.

First of all Ms Murray is not paying a cent for the hotel room. Taxpayers are. But why is Ms Murray needing accommodation when Radio NZ reports:

Ms Murray said she had never been evicted.

However Whale Oil reports that she has been evicted, citing a Tenancy Tribunal decision online. Now why did Radio NZ and its many staff not do what Whale did, and spend 60 seconds searching the Tenancy Tribunal to verify who was telling the truth?

Also in an earlier post Whale Oil points out:

A little digging on Facebook is revealing. I wonder how much she “gives” to C3 Church in Manukau each week? Why aren’t they helping her?

They have plenty of money to book the Joseph Parker fight on Sky. Not mention the Jim Beams. The tattoos. I’m not sure posting photos of friends at your parties showing off the buds is a good idea either. Lots of people wearing blue, no red clothing in any photo, and loads of hand signals…Black Power through and through.

MSD pointed out:

Ms Murray had been repeatedly evicted due to her behaviour and, while she had a high-priority rating, there were a limited number of landlords willing to take a chance on her or properties that met her needs.

“We keep on working to find a permanent home for the family, and to ensure they’re getting all the support they require to stabilise their situation, despite these challenges, because her son needs a stable home.”

So the Government is doing what it can, but you know there is some responsibility on the family also.

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