Genter vs Harre

The Herald reports:

Controversial claims made by former Internet Party leader Laila Harre about her resignation from the Green Party are false, one Green MP says.

In a spat on Twitter, Green MP Julie-Anne Genter said she had lost respect for Harre because of Harre’s account about why she left the Greens in 2014.

The former Internet Party leader had also wrongly accused the Greens of leaking sensitive information, Genter said.

The first tweet from Genter is below:

That alternative left wing Government is looking really stable, isn’t it!

Also of interest the Herald reported:

Laila Harre says the so-called Warner Bros email which alleged Prime Minister John Key was involved in a vast conspiracy to get Kim Dotcom could have been proved genuine if it had been properly tested.

She said she could not rule out that the email was real, even though the existence of it and the content of it was denied by every party referenced in it.

The claim has been backed by Dotcom, who told the Herald today he was “100%” convinced it was genuine.

Delusions and lies.

If Dotcom thought for a second it was genuine he would have included it in his court battle against extradition. Why didn’t he? Because he knew he would be in jail for perjury if he did. If he included it as evidence, then evidence could be produced that it is false. Remember US law requires all corporate e-mails to be externally archived.

Harre saying she can’t rule out it was real is like saying you can’t rule out Pluto is made of cheese as we’ve never landed there.

For all her doubts about the party, she said “things would have been very different” if there had been an inquiry into the so-called email.

If there was any chance it was not a forgery, it would have been included in court papers which would have allowed a court to determine if it was real or not.

The Spinoff’s Toby Manhire said to Harre the email “was almost certainly not authentic”.

Harre replied: “I can’t say that it was almost certainly not authentic.”

Yes you can. Just as one can say the moon landings were almost certainly not fake.

She said “if the provenance of it had been able to be tested in a kind of environment where people weren’t at legal risk, then I think things would have been very different”.

You mean if people could testify to it without threat of perjury?

Harre claimed Key had avoided directly denying the meeting mentioned in the “email” was genuine.

“Even if you go back to John Key’s reaction at the moment that came out was not to deny that this had taken place. It was to say you need to talk to my chief of staff about what happened at meetings.

“There was never a denial. And then the more powerful people, I guess, within the reporting class decided that this was something to go for, just to say it’s not authentic.”

Wrong. John Key has explicitly said that there were no private meetings with Kevin Tsujihara. To quote:

“All the meetings that I had with Mr Tsujihara were in public, with other people being there.”

I guess we are seeing some alternative facts.

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