Is this the same person?

The Secretary of the Refugee Council of New Zealand is a Mr .

A Kaileshan Thanabalasingham was deported from Canada in 2006 as the reputed leader of a Tamil gang that killed several youths in the 1990s.

Tamil Canadian reported:

The reputed leader of a Tamil gang whose battle with rival gang members on the streets of Toronto claimed the lives of more than a dozen youths in the late 1990s, and once led to a midday shooting on Highway 404, was deported late last night to Sri Lanka.

Kaileshan Thanabalasingham was one of the main targets of Project 1050, a joint police and immigration investigation that ended with the arrest of close to 51 alleged gang members on Oct. 18, 2001.

The majority of the accused were charged under a section of the immigration act that prohibits involvement in a criminal organization, marking the first time street gangs were classified as “organized crime” under immigration laws.

Known in Toronto’s Tamil community as Kailesh, the 36-year-old father was accused of leading the VVT gang, a west Toronto group that was formed in the early 1990s and named for Valvettithurai, a northern Sri Lankan town.

Thanabalasingham denied he led the VVT, or that his criminal convictions — possessing a machete in 1996 and a 1998 conspiracy to commit assault for trying to acquire guns for others — were related to gang membership.

If this is the same person (and I am informed his year of birth is the same, and he has family in Toronto) then you wonder how someone deported from Canada gets entry into New Zealand?

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