Employers – meet Labour MP Iain Lees Galloway

An Ashburton farmer complained on Twitter that once again a young Kiwi failed to turn up to a job interview, and made the point that the immigrant applicants tend to be more reliable. A point Bill English has said he hears all the time from employers.


Labour MP Iain Lees-Galloway immediately victim blames and concludes the problem is the farmer is not offering enough money.

Never mind the job pays above the average wage.

Note the Labour MP still blaming the employer. Also note his implicit assumption.

Nicely called out. I hope all the immigrants in NZ who read this realise Labour thinks they are not the right people to get jobs.

Now ILG gets back to employer bashing. His answer is that $50,000 is not enough money for decent Kiwis to bother to turn up to job interviews for, and allowing immigrants with good work ethics to apply for such jobs is bad. The employer should have to pay say $70,000 or $80,000 until a young Kiwi is actually willing to turn up to a job interview on time.

The scary thing is that if Labour manage to get into Government, Lees-Galloway could be a Minister.

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