Green doublespeak

The Herald reports:

The Greens – and some Labour MPs – are calling for a national goal of making Māori language compulsory for all children in state schools.

The Greens have unveiled a new policy this morning to make te reo Māori a “universal core subject alongside English and maths” in all state schools from years 1 to 10.

I love the double speak – “universal” instead of compulsory. The left love this. They used to call compulsory student associations universal student associations.

Let’s think about expanding on their double speak:

  • Seatbelt wearing in cars to be universal
  • Attending school to be universal
  • Tax paying to be universal

The secondary teachers’ union immediately welcomed the new policy, but Education Minister Hekia Parata said students were more motivated to learn if they were not forced to do it.

One can be in favour of more students learning te reo but against compulsion.

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