Little on greedy parasitic employers

Whale Oil blogs:

In 2012, before he had the unions shoe-horn him into the leadership, Andrew Little had quite a bit to say about employers. Back then he said; “The only parasites are employers…”. …

Labour leader Andrew Little took aim at an American food giant, saying a decision to close a profitable Dunedin factory was nothing more than “greed”.

“Cadbury are doing this not because the plant isn’t profitable, they just want more profit out of it. They are doing it for greed.”  

So employers are greedy parasites.

The simple facts are that they are moving the production to the country where they sell most of the goods – Australia. It isn’t that wages are cheaper in Australia (they are not) or less unionised (highly unionised) but that transport costs to their retailers is hugely less.

Taxpayers had paid about $2 million to keep the factory here, and “it would be a pity if this Government, knowing it was going to happen, didn’t do anything about it”.

First I knew of corporate welfare to Cadburys.

Which government paid that? Oh, that’s right, it was Helen Clark’s government. Corporate welfare is evil, and yet again has been shown to be useless.


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