Morgan wants to sell TVNZ

Stuff reports:

Gareth Morgan wants to sell off TVNZ and use the money raised to pay for better public broadcasting in New Zealand.

The founder of The Opportunities Party said Kiwis deserve a quality service that is free from what he called the corporate currently driving the state-owned television broadcaster.

Under the new policy, TVNZ would be sold off and the proceeds would be used to set up a Public Journalism Fund as part of NZ On Air.

State radio broadcaster RNZ would be able to compete for the funding alongside other platforms.

I agree. It is possibly too late though. A few years ago you might have got $1 billion for TVNZ. Today I doubt you’d get $200 million, and every year it will be less. Within a decade, it will be loss making I’d say.

But a good and one I support.

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