Westpac Stadium confirms fun police killed the Sevens

Stuff reports:

Westpac Stadium’s chief executive believes the Wellington Sevens were “hung out to dry” after a change in the liquor laws, and the party atmospheres of old will never come back.

Shane Harmon said the 2014 sevens became a “poster child” for the enforcement of the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act, which came into full effect in December 2013, and made it an offence to have intoxicated people on any premises serving alcohol. 

“I would go so far to say it is almost impossible for any venue to comply with that act, and I think it is unfortunate what happened in 2014,” Harmon said.

Nor remember all the activists claimed the 2013 Act did not go far enough, was a cop out to industry, not tough enough etc etc. Well look at what the outcome has been – the death of the best sporting event and party in New Zealand.

However, she admitted she “struggled” with “police’s interpretation of the alcohol laws”, and said Wellington police were “particularly officious when it comes to events”.

In some areas the Police are reasonable, but in Wellington they seem to be zealots on a mission.

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