Willie Jackson on why he joined Labour

Willie Jackson writes:

There’s no getting away from the fact that a lot of our work ironically has occurred under the National and Maori Party government. I make no apology for this because as the CEO I must advance the interests of my community with whomever is in government. The fact is however my organisation is underfunded in every area of Maori development. Whanau Ora is a classic example. This is a programme where we are making real change in peoples lives empowering whanau to take control of their families and we are getting outstanding results yet the funding is minimal and pales in comparison to what mainstream agencies receive. This is a message that Labour party leader Andrew Little gets and one of the primary reasons why now I am committed to working with Labour.

It is good to hear Willie Jackson so enthusiastic about Whanau Ora and saying it is making real change in people’s lives.

However he has been misled into thinking Labour supports Whanau Ora, let alone will increase funding for it. Labour have constantly said it isn’t working and last election said they would review it, which is code for scrap it.

Why else have I joined Labour?

Because Andrew Little promised you a high list ranking?

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