Another good candidate for three strikes

The Herald reports:

During his appearance Harding – who was representing himself – questioned what his charges were.

The presiding justice of the peace – who later asked Hawke’s Bay Today not to be named- told Harding he was facing a number of outstanding matters, as well as new charges related to burglary, not living within the standards of his release, and protection order breaches.

As Harding was taken from the dock after his appearance, he said if a certain person was not released from prison, “I’m going to kill a cop everyday”.

They should charge him with that also.

In 2004 he stabbed a woman several times in her back, in front of her two children. He did this while on bail for other offences. We can’t know for sure, but I’d say he’d be a prime example of someone who would accumulate three strikes and be kept in prison, to keep people safe.


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