TLDR: Hager book summary

As far as I can tell the TLDR summary of the Hager book is that NZ soldiers in a war zone, killed some people and six of them were civilians.

This is of course totally unheard of in war zones. The civilian deaths in recent conflicts were:

  • WWI: 4.5 million
  • WWII: 30 million
  • Korea: 400,000
  • Vietnam: 627,000
  • Gulf War: 5,000
  • Iraq: 66,000
  • Afghanistan: 26,000

So it is possible NZ forces were responsible for six out of the 26,000 civilian casualties in Afghanistan. Yes, of course it is.

Would they have intended to kill them? No.

Should they have been open about the casualties, *if* they did cause them? Yes.

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