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Stuff reports:

Bolger says neoliberal economic policies have absolutely failed. It’s not uncommon to hear that now; even the IMF says so.

But to hear it from a former National Prime Minister who pursued privatisation, labour market deregulation, welfare cuts and tax reductions – well that’s pretty interesting.

“They have failed to produce economic growth and what growth there has been has gone to the few at the top,” Bolger says, not of his own policies specifically but of neoliberalism the world over.

He laments the levels of inequality and concludes “that model needs to change.”

This interview comes as no surprise to me at all. I’ve heard Jim Bolger speak many times since he left office, and he seems to get more left wing in his views everytime. The last time was middle of last year and I commented to a colleague that he now seemed to be to the left of Helen Clark.

This evolution of views is not unique to Jim Bolger. Malcolm Fraser has done similar in Australia.

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