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Retail workers say opening on Easter Sunday robs them of a break

Really, considering the law explicitly says no employee can be forced to work. So I was interested to read the story to see if it stacked up.

Some shop workers are upset that changes to the Easter trading laws this year mean many of them will lose one of their few guaranteed days off in the year.

Actually no one can be forced to work, but again is there an example?

Yvonne and Allan Pope in Motueka are both in retail and struggle to get a full weekend together.

Yvonne’s work includes Sunday, and Allan works a full week. He used to work half of Saturdays too “but I’m 69”.

While they now have Saturdays together, they have always looked forward to the compulsory break that Easter Sunday gave them.

“It was one of those days you could rely on,” Allan Pope said. 

The Popes’ day off is safe this year after the Tasman district rejected Easter Sunday trading, although nearby Marlborough has voted to allow it.

So this bullshit story is based on a couple who don’t have to work Easter Sunday and in fact can’t work Easter Sunday if they even wanted to, as they live in an area which has not allowed for Easter Sunday trading.

Another nail in the coffin of journalism.

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