Labour’s Hutt scam

Stuff reports:

is promising to build 400 new houses in Lower Hutt during its first term in Government, if elected in September.

Labour Leader Andrew Little announced the plan on Wednesday, while standing on one of the dozens of vacant Housing New Zealand sections that litter Lower Hutt.

Having so much unused Housing NZ land was unacceptable, and Labour would act quickly to start building on it, he said.

The vacant Housing NZ land should be built on. But Labour’s numbers are as credible as well all their other numbers.

This Stuff article notes that there is 17,000 square metres of vacant HNZ land in Hutt City. That is 1.7 hectares.

To build 400 homes on that space would mean an average of 42 square metres per property!!

If you check how many homes used to be on these vacant sites, I think it was around 50.

And Labour claim that these homes will be up to three bedrooms!

It simply is not possible.

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