Little caught out in court

The Herald reports:

Little said he had wanted to settle the case prior to the trial – but concluded the Hagamans had no interest in settling after what he described as the “most bizarre negotiation” he had ever been involved in.

The Hagamans had rejected two offers of $26,000 and $100,000 and said the wording of the apology was inadequate, but Little said they had never provided him with the wording they wanted.

However, in cross-examination the Hagamans’ lawyer, Richard Fowler, presented a letter from last December in which the wording the Hagamans wanted for an apology was included.

Little conceded that, but said there was no further attempt to amend it to something acceptable to both. “This was the opening gambit and I would expect negotiations to continue.”

Not a good look when you say something under oath which turns out to be false.

His top offer of $100,000 was the most he could afford and he would have to borrow that using his family house as security.

The Leader of the Opposition gets a salary of $288,900 a year, plus a superannuation subsidy of $32,005, and an allowance of $16,697.

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