Soper slams Little

Barry Soper writes:

If you ever wanted any proof of how bloody minded Andrew Little is, you should have no doubt with the events that played out in the Wellington High Court over the past week. …

All of this could easily have been avoided by Andrew Little if had the good grace to make it clear where his target was. And of course that’s why we have parliamentary privilege where dodgy claims can be made, and have frequently been made by politicians with impunity, which doesn’t necessarily make them right, but at least avoids this sort of litigation.

Little’s second monetary offer to the Hagamans will be a drop in the legal fee bucket that he’s now confronting, money he said he would have raised by taking a mortgage over his house.

At least now he’ll get some understanding of what it’s like to be a first-home buyer. He could though go for costs from the substantial Hagaman pot but that’d require more legal time and money.

The whole saga does Little no credit, an apology sooner rather than later would have saved a lot of heartache.

Yep, while he didn’t end up with damages in court, he will have significant costs.

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