2017 Broadcasting allocations

The Electoral Commission has announced its allocation of funding to parties for broadcasting advertisements. This time around there is just an allocation of money, and no time allotments for opening and closing broadcasts.

Of course we should have no allocation and parties should fund their own advertising. But such a change will only be made if all parties agreed to it (as significant electoral changes should have cross-party support) so unlikely to occur.

I’m interested in what proportion of the pool each party got, as compared to last time. If a party has dipped in the polls, they tend to get less.

  • National 31.0% down from 32.4% last time
  • Labour 25.0% down from 28.0%
  • Greens 12.0% down from 12.2%
  • NZ First 9.5%, up from 6.1%
  • Maori Party 3.0%, down from 3.1%
  • ACT 2.3% (nc)
  • United Future 2.3% (nc)
  • Conservatives 1.3%, down from 1.8%

Most parties get allocated pretty close to what they are polling. National is the significant exception.


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