Buis’s employer should not be supressed

Stuff reported:

The victim of a prolonged harassment campaign by a Dunedin government employee has spoken of the fear that almost drove him to take his own life.

Dunedin businessman Daniel Pryde waived his right to after Jeremy Buis was sentenced in the Dunedin District Court on Friday.

Earlier this week he shared his account of the two-and-a-half year harassment. 

“I really thought someone was watching and was going to shoot me,” he said.

The campaign was incredibly nasty and all over a parking stoush. Buis continued with the campaign even after his arrest. His actions seemed to verge on psychopathic.

And for that reasons it is stunning the court has suppressed details of his employer. There is huge public interest in knowing this. (No, do not speculate or hint at it in the comments – this is not Reddit).

The sentence of 200 hours community work is laughable and an insult.

The Crown should appeal both the sentence and the suppression of his employer.

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