Labour now demands public get no say on a law change

Stuff reports:

OMG, could this be true? It’s still illegal to blaspheme in New Zealand.

Parliament had the opportunity to remove decades-old anti-blasphemy laws but, heaven’s above, bailed out on Tuesday night.

Labour MP Chris Hipkins introduced an amendment to remove anti-blasphemy laws but both the National Party and the Maori Party voted against throwing it out of the Crimes Act..

They voted against throwing it out without allowing the public a chance to submit on it.

It’s understood National changed its mind about dealing with the law quickly and with the help of the Maori Party stopped it going through.

Instead, the government wanted to go through the process of select committee and give the public the opportunity to submit on the potential law change.

Which is absolutely proper. It is an outdated law that should go, but Parliament should not be making changes to the Crimes Act without public consultation, except where it is urgent.

Hipkins said it was a “sad day for freedom of speech, tolerance and leadership”.

“What moral authority does New Zealand have condemning other countries for draconian blasphemy laws when we have one of our own that we refuse to repeal?”

Chris is being hypocritical. He has often ranted against the Government pushing law changes through without consultation. Now he is demanding they do just that.

No one is refusing to repeal the law. They are just saying it should go to a select committee for submissions.

Chris could submit a members’ bill to do so, and I suspect it would get 121 votes if drawn.

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