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The .22 rifle used to kill the Bain family will be returned to David Bain through his longtime advocate Joe Karam despite objections from surviving family.

In one of the last throes of the 23-year Bain murder saga, the case’s 200-odd exhibits, including the rifle and David Bain’s bloody gloves, T-shirt and socks are being disposed of by the Crown. …

The distribution of the exhibits, which have various owners, was initiated by a request last year from Dunedin lawyer Colin Withnall QC, acting for Joe Karam, who was acting for David Bain.

The most emotionally-laden exhibit was the semi-automatic Winchester rifle with a telescopic sight and a silencer, which belonged to Bain and was kept in his wardrobe cupboard under trigger lock with about 1000 rounds of ammunition before the shootings.

The request caused some “soul searching”, according to sources, but finally Crown Law decided it had no legal grounds on which to keep the rifle and other articles belonging to Bain.

My response to this is WTF!

According to David Bain his father slaughtered his entire family with this gun, before killing himself. And he wants to keep it as a souvenir!

Other items to be returned to David Bain include the bloody white gloves allegedly used by the killer, his T-shirt, socks and underpants, and items from his bedroom. He will receive his Telstar running shoes, red anorak, a red sweatshirt and items from his bedroom.

More delightful souvenirs.

If you accept the Bain version of events, why would you want souvenirs or reminders of that day?

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