Police now campaigning against local stores

Stuff reports:

Police have been knocking on neighbours’ doors and sharing a guide on how to oppose a controversial liquor store application in central Wellington.

The city’s district licensing committee (DLC) has received 50 applications opposing the application to turn a fruit and vege shop in Aro St into a liquor store – but the owner says the backlash was heightened after police shared the “how to” guide on social media, complete with a photo of her store.

Officers doorknocked businesses around Manjula Patel’s Aro Fruit Supply in late May to inform them of her and Vinod Hira’s application.

So the Police have so little to do, they can spend time door knocking businesses to try and whip up opposition to a liquor store application. Once again we see they have become crusading activists.

Wellington human rights lawyer Michael Bott said it seemed police were acting as a lobby group pushing an agenda, rather than in their statutory function as a neutral enforcer of the law.

For once I agree with Michael Bott.

“The police are effectively involved in a campaign to drive out small shopkeepers from their ability to sell beer and wine. It shows a level of predetermination on their part by trying to drumbeat a wave of discontentment against shopkeepers amongst the community.

I think it is time to remove Police from having a special role in submitting on alcohol licenses. They keep abusing their role.

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