Dom Post advocates Venezuela policies for NZ

Once upon a time the Dominion Post was known as a sensible newspaper. Today it has an editorial slant which would fit in on The Daily Blog.

Look at this editorial on petrol prices:

If Mr Little wanted to actually win the election he might take a leaf out of Jeremy Corbyn’s book, who would probably advocate fining the oil companies google-style and threaten to nationalise them if they didn’t buck up their ideas. 

That would greatly antagonise the business community and the media, but thousands of Kiwi motorists would say ‘onya Andy’ as they filled up.

Yes having the Government confiscate all the oil and run the industry themselves is a great idea – it worked so well in Venezuela.

Funnily enough the Dominion Post doesn’t seem to care about competition when it comes to media. They were cheerleaders for the merger with NZME.

UPDATE: The column isn’t an editorial but from columnist Dave Armstrong. I didn’t see any name on it when I first blogged it. So thankfully the Dom Post hasn’t yet gone full socialist!

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