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The Dom Post editorial:

The Greens’ attack on Winston Peters’ “racism” has an air of desperation. The Green Party is haunted by the possibility that once again Peters will shut it out of a left-of-centre coalition, just as he did in 2005.  

After 18 years of opposition, another three years of beign locked out of Government mustnt appeal.

The bad blood between Peters and the Greens is based on profound ideological differences, and Turei’s attack will give Peters even more reason to go with National. That’s probably what he wants to do anyway.

Please no. I’d much rather Winston goes with Labour and Greens.

Labour, meanwhile, desperately fights against reality. Its polls are a disastrous 30 per cent and Andrew Little’s personal polls are catastrophic. A politician reduced to saying the polls don’t match what people tell him in the street is whistling in the dark.

They’re not 30%. The last three polls are 25.5%, 26.4% and 27.0%.

Peters will go his own way for his own reasons, as he has always done. It is truly dreadful that this erratic and unreliable politician, so skilled in politicking and yet so incoherent in serious policy argument, should once again be the lynch-pin in the MMP system.

Yay MMP!

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