Herald on Labour’s industrial relations policy

The Herald editorial:

The Party leader owes his position to the votes of affiliated trade unions and it is beginning to show. 

It’s called the pay off.

Andrew Little has announced a policy for industrial law that would represent a considerable step backwards for this country.

It goes far far beyond what we had during Helen Clark’s Government (in fact National has hardly changed the law). Their policy is all the way back to the 1970s style national awards and de facto compulsory unionism.

If Labour becomes the government in September it will reinstate industry awards by a different name. It will call them “fair pay agreements” that will set the minimum pay and conditions in each industry.

They do this in Australia also. Unless the employer donates to the Labor Party, they get told by the Government how much to pay their staff.

To force all employers in an independent industry to come together and negotiate minimum rates and conditions would take a great deal of competitiveness out of the New Zealand economy.

It would destroy much competition.

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