Herald on Labour’s lack of targeting

The Herald editorial:

Even within the Best Start package, some of the money is to be wasted on a payment of $60 a week for all children, regardless of family income, in their first year of life.

Like paid parental leave, this money is effectively wasted on households that can well afford to have children.

Likewise for a winter heating subsidy, $140 a month, Labour is promising to all superannuitants as well as other beneficiaries.

It is worthwhile redistributing income to those who do not have enough but when it is “redistributed” back to self-supporting taxpayers it is worse than pointless, it is costing money to collect and return. Labour should collect no more than necessary.

I’m all for targeting assistance to poorer families. But Labour is about taking money from everyone and giving it back to everyone! They’re going to give millionaires aged over 65 a $140 a month heating subsidy!

They’re also going to give $3,000 to a family earning $500,000 a year if they have a baby.

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