Winston is most definitely not racist

Hayden Donnell writes that it is outraegous to accuse Winston of being racist:

Winston Peters has never had a racist approach to anything.

Apart perhaps from when he campaigned on repelling the “Asian Invasion”, which did not exist, in the 1996 general election.

And when he came to “the rescue of man’s best friend” by hitting out at “Asian dog farmers”.

Or when he issued a statement calling New Zealand “the last Asian colony”, while warning the country will soon be “unrecognisable”.

And the time he claimed “we have now reached the point where you can wander down Queen Street in Auckland and wonder if you are still in New Zealand or some other country”, before proposing “flying squads” to investigate migrant crime.

Or the time he said Asian immigration was “imported criminal activity”, and claimed refusing to cut it would cause race relations to descend into “chaos”.

Or when NZ First deputy leader Peter Brown said the country was going to be flooded with Asians and there was “no guarantee what they’d do here” in 2008, while Peters was serving as foreign minister.

And the time Peters got angry there were too many delicious Asian restaurants on Auckland’s Dominion Road.

And we shouldn’t forget his failure to censure his then-Deputy Ron Mark after he told National MP Melissa Lee to “go back to Korea”.

Or the time he joked that “two Wongs don’t make a white” in a speech on Chinese land ownership, then responded to media criticism by saying “what we don’t need is a few journalists who decide that they’re going to be the Nazi politically correct police of this country”.

Or when he initially failed to apologise, then refused to stand down NZ First MP Richard Prosser, after he wrote that New Zealanders’ rights were being denigrated by “misogynist troglodytes from Wogistan” and argued young men who “look like a Muslim” should be banned from flying on “Western” airlines.

And the time he accused “two Asian immigrant reporters” of fabricating statistics to suit their pro-Asian agenda.

It is very clear that Winston in no way has anything racist against Asians. He just doesn’t want them in New Zealand.

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